life is short, but fun never ends / press play 014

We've recently discovered some inspiring videos on Youtube, these in particular, are about people and their beautiful homes in China. Our press play series previously featured songs we like, but these are special and certainly has inspired us to share more than just songs! I have a soft spot for beautiful architectures designed and decorated by heart, by the people living in it -- that's how a space become alive. How a building lets light through in the morning, at sunset. A touch of Asian architecture, with lots of woods, some clean lines. Most importantly, these have got our favorite color palette on: neutral.

This first video is about a young couple living their lives near the foot of the mountains in Beijing. Such peaceful surroundings that we can only dream of, for now.

This next one is an unexpectedly modern 3-storey house nestled in the heart of an old lane, downtown Shanghai. A genius staircase that allows light in, and a perfect living room storage solution.

We love how nature is incorporated into the design of this next house in sub-urban Beijing. The trees in its 5 courtyards, the view from the skylight, the way the surrounding changes with the seasons.

The one below isn't about a home, but a builder who helped with the renovation of an ancient nunnery. The fact that he went against the grain and build large windows around the compound is just brilliant.

What he said in the end really resonates with me and how I view life with my hobbies and restless curiosity, especially when I find something new that I like.
"Life is short, but the fun never ends."
Well mostly, it makes me feel a little less guilty about being too restless sometimes.



Note: All video credits to 一条 .