the happy list / june 19th

“i don't have any idea of who or what God is. but i do believe in some great spiritual power. i feel it particularly when i'm out in nature. it's just something that's bigger and stronger than what i am or what anybody is. i feel it. and it's enough for me.” ― Jane Goodall

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it's been awhile since this space was last updated. i've been kept busy with family matters plus a new role at work, since i do have a full time job on the side (emphasizing that cos my job isn't my life :) here's some quick update on more things that made me happy lately. i hope everyone's always got time for yourselves no matter how busy you are! it's also a reminder i remind myself time and time again.

  1. bodybalance class at the gym. a combination of taichi, yoga and pilates--more fast-paced than my usual yoga routine! love it.

  2. essential oils, diffused. i've been into essential oil for a couple months now. Muji has a good range so that's where i started my collection. the smell of rosemary & lemon in the morning is so invigorating.

  3. pineapple tart cookies. bake bake bake. i've unintentionally started a little cookies business when a colleague at work made an order after tasting some! hehe

  4. exploring a new park while location scouting for photoshoots. something about lush greens in the middle of hectic KL.

  5. our first maternity photoshoot. i'll share more from this soon but you've probably seen some on my Instagram :)

  6. quiet days.

  7. a deep red, sturdy steel bed frame we bought recently. it's minimal in design and just perfect to my liking. who would've thought of a red bed frame? i can't believe we found it.

  8. good health.

what's everyone been up to? we've just been done with another long 4-days weekend here in Malaysia and it feels crazy that we're halfway through the year. craazy.