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what’s your favorite food?

my answer, usually, eggs. cannot imagine life without eggs.

so when i saw a new cafe near the office, and i came across their good-looking egg sandwich on instagram, i had to give it a try at lunch one day.

there are hints of inspirations from the land of the rising sun throughout the area. the cafe is bright and airy, calming wood fixtures, fun interior, not too serious. the menu is packed with options, i had a hard time picking out my drinks - everything just looked so tempting. don’t get me started on the teatime / dessert menu.

shokupan japanese toasts. yaki imo (slow-roasted sweet potato). parfait. deconstructed feta cheesecake??

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i ordered strawberry milk compote (with strawberry ice cream), and my friend ordered iced matcha latte. i had difficulty trying to get some ice cream out at first but at the end of the meal it has melted soft enough for me to scoop out the ice cream without spilling the milk. very impatient, i know. the strawberry compote reminded me of the dried strawberries sold in cameron highlands, and i love it, especially after a good mix with the milk. very refreshing.

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i knew what i wanted for lunch :) ajitsuke tamago sando is a huge huge sandwich! perfectly-baked rye bread. ramen egg with the perfect yolk. tomato, wasabi mayo, cheese, furikake. it exceeded my expectations to be honest. i knew it was going to be good, but not that good. i would definitely come back for more.

there are other tempting-looking mains on their wholesome yoshoku lunch menu.

i.e beef hambagu, maple peanut chicken sando, lemon mentaiko linguine, buckwheat galette.

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we also got ourselves a hojicha japanese roll cake to share - the worst decision of the day - because we were craving for more. the good thing is that we finished up our dessert before the mains arrived - so no extra order by the end of the meal, cos we were pretty stuffed by then. i can’t remember the last time i had such a good roll cake, and i’m looking forward to the next one. super soft and fluffyyyyy.

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mushroom and spinach lasagna. a mixture of shiitake and eryngii mushroom, chestnut. cooked in good ol’ garlic sauce with mozarella and basil, in-house made lasagna sheets. turns out pretty good from what i heard, and of course it’s a really good vegan option.

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did i mention they have a smoky cat rice for breakfast? - ok, it's a combo of japanese rice with shoyu, sous vide eggs, smoked chicken cubes and bonito flakes. no cats.

i wonder if i should try that next time. i’m all for the eggs.


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