the infamous floating flower market of amsterdam. winter was approaching when we were here, we walked around with frozen hands (ok, exaggerated) — very desperate for something warm to hold on to. stalls were filled with christmas ornaments in delft blue, fresh tulips bulbs and dutch cheese and wooden clogs. i miss it already.

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there weren’t many fresh flowers stalls despite the name. i suppose it was just the season.

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we bought dutch gouda cheese to bring home (it involved a lot of yummy cheese-tasting ;) , numerous fridge magnets of recognizable amsterdam storefronts, a pair of decorative dutch clogs for the mother-in-law. it is a different vibe if i were to compare this market to the waterlooplein — where antiques line the stores. bloemenmarkt has a very touristy vibe at the very heart of the city, right on the singel canal.

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have you been to the bloemenmarkt? tell us about your experience! it was a really short visit for us, i think we definitely could have explored more. half the time, i was a frantic mess in need of a washroom - no joke, so hard to come by in amsterdam. also a hot coffee/chocolate to-go is recommended if you’re ever here in november. i know i needed them.