our wedding — part II

30.01.19, the first look. sort of.

these photos were taken when we were getting ready for our garden ceremony. we made time for a ‘first look’ session when k picked me up from the bridal suite. not really a ‘first look’ per se because obviously, he saw me in the morning for the tea ceremony — but he hasn’t seen me in my dress yet so it was quite special! the weather turned for the better at this point of day (in the morning it was gloomy~). the sun started shining and the cool breeze gave me all the feel-good vibe :).


what k wore — we found the perfect tie and a classic suspenders for k on my solo trip to hamburg, germany (i sent him photos for approval hehe~ ). he also got his shoes while i was away. we love the idea of neutral hues with hints of deep red and rich navy, nothing over the top. i made him a boutonnière the night before the wedding, with flowers we bought from a local flowers market earlier in the day.


what i wore — i found my dress at a local bridal boutique, almost a year in advance! it fits me just right so no alteration was needed. i took it home and it stayed in my wardrobe all year while we planned the wedding. at least we got it out of the way first right!? it was quite funny sometimes when people asked if i’ve found a dress, and i would say i’ve had it all along haha. i didn’t want to wear a white wedding heels, found a pair of flats that complement k’s tie color and bought it while i was on an outing with a close friend. i also made my own simple veil.

i put together my bouquet the night before the wedding too :) with fresh flowers and tied it up with ribbons i bought in copenhagen a few months back (the same ones we tied around our invitation card suites). my youngest sister stayed up with me and made sure i got some sleep that night (so exhausted but so worth it)


who needs make-up artists when you have sisters <3


i stood at the balcony for a few minutes before k arrived. this is the second bungalow in the property we rented for the wedding. it has its own charm too and i loveeee it~


we’re so glad we did this first look thing! we had a few minutes with each other before the ceremony starts and it was the last moments we spent together, before we were officially husband and wife. beyond grateful for these photos~

p.s k had no idea i chose this dress (i hid it from him) and i think we both agreed it was the best dress for me, it’s very ‘me’ :)


then we were off to our garden ceremony! to be continued ~

photography by the super talented duo at Funkydali The Picturesmith