2019 so far — playing with colors 001

flat lay. to simply bring a few things together, play with colors and arrangements, see how it all come together as a whole from a bird’s-eye view — plus point when the natural light is super pretty. i’ve traveled a lot over the last 12 months so with my travel photos piling both on my phone and in an external hd, i have procrastinated a lot (with choosing which ones are my favorite, which ones to share here on the blog, which ones to print). it feels like i’m in a rut of some sort so making some flat lays over the weekends have brightened my mood a little bit. a few of my favorite things on the floor, on the bed, on the sofa.

that’s how i started playing with colors. to be honest i was inspired by the beautiful tones i saw in our recent trip to south korea :) here’s 2019 so far.

Photo 11-08-2019, 3 59 29 PM.jpg

1. pretty august light. it’s the season of the long weekends. i’ve gotten back into writing and journaling again, maybe because it finally feels like i’m settled down at home. i found plenty of nice to-do sticky notes and stickers online, started collecting again.

Photo 11-08-2019, 4 01 30 PM.jpg

2. may, south korea. busan and jeju didn’t disappoint. here’s some of the stuff we bought, my favorites are the crystal bracelets. i bought one each time we visited a temple as a token to remember the place. we also found some handmade crafts - hand mirrors, handkerchiefs, mini korean clay potteries i.e onggi.

Photo 16-08-2019, 8 00 24 PM.jpg

3. accidental reds. april was warm but maybe i said that because i just got back from europe so i was irritated by the heat at least 12 hours a day. i made a flat lay with some of the stuff we bought there over the past year. my favorite would be the book, a compilation of hans christian andersen’s famous works, including the little mermaid. there is also a jewelry tree, a few notebooks and a glass jar.

Photo 11-08-2019, 4 04 16 PM.jpg

4. march in copenhagen. it was late winter that felt like autumn. the usual frantic danish weather.. i started to understand why people wore a lot of dark colors in this season - you just end up feeling like it, it goes with the moody weather haha. i’m here for 2 weeks this time and stayed right next to the Fisketorvet Mall. i’ve managed to sneak in some light window-shopping after work. also, sunsets were spectacular from my room window.

Photo 11-08-2019, 4 06 39 PM.jpg

5. banoffee is addictive. early march with cupcakes cravings, i made frequent trips to Bisou (probably explains the extra kgs that i noticed months later haha) k emphasized i’m eating way too much sugar at this point. so i stopped being crazy about it. p.s i’ve always loved the color blue - you?

Photo 11-08-2019, 4 08 08 PM.jpg

6. lokam and siew baos. the weeks following our wedding we were gifted with lots of treats. a box of lokam from my colleague that doubled as a new year gift - these were so sweet and juicy! another friend gave me a box of seremban siew bao that i finished up in less than 2 days. there were also biscuits from penang. we went to kinokuniya and bought the forecast magazine - mainly because there is a smart-looking pig on the cover and you don’t see that often :D

Photo 11-08-2019, 4 09 39 PM.jpg

7. lunar new year, our first celebration as husband and wife. it comes the week after our wedding, which was pretty hectic. there were almost no preparation involved except buying new clothes on the day before - alone - while K stayed home with mild food poisoning - we’ve since ‘blacklisted’ a noodles restaurant - never again. good thing was that he felt better on the new year morning. anyway, because we’re now married, this lunar new year is the first time we prepared red packets. i like this tradition of giving as a gesture of blessing.

Photo 11-08-2019, 4 11 41 PM.jpg

8. our wedding invitation suite, flat lay from late last year. i would say one of the fun part in preparing for our wedding was sending out the invitation cards by snail mail! we included a lot of personal touches - the origami cranes that k folded, organza ribbons, wax seals, my handwriting on the envelopes.


do you have a favorite month from this year so far? mine would be january (because we got married!) and also april-may when we went on a 2 weeks honeymoon in south korea :) can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring to the table / floor, literally.